From English to French

Streamlined process

All the steps listed below will help you understand how translation projects are managed and how the overall process can be streamlined.
1) Initial contact
Where possible, please provide the following information in order to accelerate the process:
• Word count
• Deadline
• Type of content and subject matter
• File format
• Target audience (country, mainstream vs. professional, age…)
• If you plan to provide a glossary, translation memory or style guide.
• Other specific requirements
Please send me a copy of your files so I can analyze them.
2) File analysis
I assess the number of repetitions, the text’s technicity and the workload in order to provide a fair quote and a realistic deadline.
3) Agreement
We agree on a rate and a timeframe by email. A PO is always appreciated if you are able to issue one in advance.
4) Terminological research
Depending on the topic and the target audience, I have access to a variety of  official, relevant and up-to-date terminology resources. I may also contact professionals in the sector in question if further contextualization or research is required.
5) Translation
 I own a licence of Trados Studio (2017), the go-to translation software for language professionals. It accelerates the translation process, optimizes costs, ensures terminological consistency and allows me to maintain the exact same layout and formatting as your source files. I have also a good working knowledge of the following CAT tools: MemoQ, Smartling, XTM, Phrase.
6) Editing
I proofread the entire project, meticulously comparing the source and target files to identify and correct possible mistranslations, omissions, additions, clumsy syntax, inconsistent terminology and grammar and spelling mistakes. This step is crucial to cementing all the attributes of a good translation.
7) Proofreading
I review all my translations to spot and eliminate any remaining grammar or spelling errors and to ensure that it is fluid and sounds natural. Antidote, the most powerful spellchecker on the market is a trusted resource during this step.
Two pairs of eyes are better than one. At your request, I can entrust these last two steps to another professional linguist with whom I regularly collaborate.
8) Submission of translated files
I deliver the final files on the agreed-upon date and in the specified format, along with an invoice for my services.
9) Follow-up
Do not hesitate to contact me once the files have been delivered if you have any questions or comments about my work.