From English to French

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I offer language services, including English to French translation (European and Canadian) in a wide array of fields. I will help you communicate effectively with French-speaking audiences in the following industries:

       Computing & Electronics
       Software & Video games
       Energy & Environment
       Sports & Leisure
       Food & Catering


My curiosity and passion for languages continue to drive me to diversify my portfolio and seek linguistic challenges in new areas.

I am also fully fluent in Spanish, so please feel free to contact me regarding translation or editing of general texts from this source language.

Faithful and impactful translations

My main focus is to provide accurate, clear translations and to find the right words and tone to convey your ideas as faithfully as possible.
I also take the cultural specificities of your target audience into consideration.

Timely delivery

I can translate approximately 2,000 new words per day depending on the subject matter and my availability. Once we have agreed on a deadline, I guarantee that I will deliver your project on time.

Competitive rates

For translation projects, I work on a per-word basis and offer discounts for repetitions and matches when a TM is provided. A number of factors can influence my rates: type of content, amount of research, volume, deadline and technicality.

Clear and smooth communication

I am your sole point of contact at every step of the workflow and answer all emails within 24 hrs. I make sure to clarify your expectations before getting started and remain attentive to your needs and specific instructions throughout.

Absolute confidentiality

I handle all your sensitive documents with the utmost discretion and no information will be disclosed without your consent. I will also sign a confidentiality agreement upon request.

A solution for every needs

TRANSLATION – From English to French

I combine writing, analytical and research skills with a creative mind and great attention to detail to provide accurate translations that faithfully render the meaning, style and tone of the source text while sounding natural. The real challenge of this art form is to give the illusion that the translated text has been originally written in the target language! I’m fully aware of regional linguistic standards and customs and follow them strictly. For example, punctuation rules, the use of anglicisms, expressions and terminology can all differ between France and Quebec.

EDITING – French vs English

Meticulous comparison of source and translated materials to detect and correct any possible mistranslations, omissions, additions, clumsy syntax, inconsistent terminology and grammar or spelling mistakes. I pay close attention to detail to deliver translations that are as flawless as possible.


Are you planning to launch a video game, a website, an app or software in France or Quebec? Do you need to update your translated content so that it meets the specific preferences of your target locale or internal requirements (i.e. character restrictions)? That’s when localization becomes a go-to service. I will fully adapt source and pre-translated copies, making sure the general style, idiomatic expressions, cultural references, punctuation, terminology, names, date and hour formatting, addresses, phone numbers and other components sound and look local.


When your content needs to be fully adapted to resonate authentically with your target audience, transcreation is the solution. Through this intricate creative process, I will recommend different options (with back translation and rationales) that capture the tone of voice, intent and style of the original message while taking into account the cultural sensitivities of the target culture and the specificities of the French language. Consider transcreation a key element of your international marketing strategy. Examples of content: taglines, movie titles, product names, print and digital ads.

PROOFING – French only

Proofing of target files translated into French by other professionals to identify any remaining typos, eliminate any grammatical or spelling mistakes and improve the natural flow where required. These projects generally require minimal corrections. If I notice major language issues, I’ll recommend that you submit your documents for editing instead.


Checking and testing your localized content (websites, videos, video games, software interfaces, online training platforms) to ensure that there are no functional bugs, that they are displayed correctly on different types of devices and that they meet the linguistic and cultural standards of the target market before being broadcast or released.


The right terminology and field expertise to share your ideas and data accurately with your French-speaking stakeholders and ensure that you are on the same page.
Business correspondance, market analysis, business plans, trade agreements, terms and conditions, PowerPoint presentations, proposals…


Accuracy and clarity with the most minute details to produce high-quality translations for public or private organizations.                                                     HR documentation, employee newsletters, Administrative forms, personal documents, official letters, memorandums, government reports…


A true reflection of your company’s brand image and cultural adaptation for maximum impact in the target market and increased visibility online.
Brochures, catalogues, posters, banners, press releases and social media posts, ads, newsletters, blog and website content, surveys…


Localized, concise and captivating content to create an immersive experience for your target audience.
Subtitles, user interfaces for mobile apps and software, video-game interfaces, e-learning platforms…


Expertise and thorough research to translate your technical and scientific content. I have experience in the following fields: cybersecurity, consumer electronics, medical, veterinary, healthcare, nutrition, environment.
User manuals, technical specifications, websites, blogs, trade articles, reports…                                                                                                                                                                                                        


A fully-fledge creative process to restitute the form, the substance and the essence of the original work as faithfully as possible.                                          Novels, fantasy or historical stories, children’s books, comics, essays, autobiographies…

File formats supported
Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, In-design, html, srt, Xliff